The focus of the wind energy research team in the Engineering Technology Department (INDI) is on wind resource assessment, small wind turbines, rotor aerodynamics, vertical-axis wind turbines and vortex-induced vibrations. Particular emphasis is on wind energy in the built environment. We perform wind measurements and numerical simulations to obtain reliable resource assessment and optimal siting. We have a number of small wind turbines which are used for performance measurements, optimization and field testing of new blades. We have an excellent knowledge of the market of small wind turbines and are regularly called upon for technical advice and feasibility studies.


  • Resource assessment
  • Feasibility studies & Siting studies
  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design
  • Deployment of models to describe vortex induced vibrations
  • Design validation
  • Vibrations & Acoustics


  • CFD analysis
  • Experimental Validation by means of wind tunnel testing
  • Analytic tool for wind turbine revenue assessment

Turbine size in focus:

  • Small wind turbines
  • Medium size wind turbines of 100kW and above

Main Projects in Wind Energy

  • EU Cornet HyBlade
  • Innoviris Brussels RetrofitXL
  • Feasibility studty for BCR IBGE E11-359
  • Cooperation with Frauenhofer for development of vertical axis wind turbine

Media attention