BruWIND has been launched in April 2011 to support multi-disciplinary research activities, to facilitate industry-driven developments and to assist innovation in the field of wind energy. .

BruWIND builds on the joint expertise and know-how of key research groups of VUB, EhB  and ULB and ambitions to valorize this know-how on a regional, national and European level.

The main objectives of BruWIND are:
•    to centralize the knowledge of wind-energy in Brussels;
•    to share multi-disciplinary knowledge and facilitate synergy between the participating research groups;
•    to increase the visibility and to advertise the joint knowledge and expertise to the outside world;
•    to disseminate our knowledge and expertise to the scientific and industrial community;
•    to build a network of key industries and companies in the field of wind power;
•    to maximize valorization of all the involved research groups and hence for VUB, EhB and ULB; to support join participation in related networks and large-scale projects.

BruWIND will act along two directions. First BruWIND will be a facilitator for its academic members to gain access to those industries with which true valorization can be achieved. Second, BruWIND will also act as a one-stop shop and gateway for the outside world in order to access top level academic expertise and know-how in Brussels in the field of wind-energy.