Acoustics And Vibrations Group




The research group AVRG is internationally on the top in the field of structural health monitoring and modal analysis. They are known as a worldwide expert in operational modal parameter identification techniques that are used to monitor the dynamic behavior of all kind of structures. The group expertise in structural health and condition monitoring is used today to coordinate the scientific part in the Flemish Offshore Wind Infrastructure Project (OWI), the biggest Belgian project in the field of offshore wind energy. Their expertise in advanced measurement techniques, visualization and analysis of structural vibrations, in combination with modal analysis software and robust finite element modeling, is a strong tool to optimize O&M and lifetime assessment of wind turbines and their subcomponents, and will help the wind industry to become more competitive.



  • Modal analysis
  • Structural health monitoring and fatigue
  • Condition monitoring
  • Dimensional metrology
  • Vibrational measurement techniques using optical fiber sensors
  • Laser vibrometry
  • Optical flow field measurements


Main Projects in Wind Energy

  • IWT SBO project: Optiwind
  • IWT O&O project: NorthWind
  • IWT SBO project: Self Sensing Composites
  • WIFI JIP Project: WIFI
  • IWT VIS project: O&M Ecellence