BruWind/OWI @ EWEA Offshore 2013

BruWind/OWI will present its foundation monitoring activitiesat EWEA Offshore 2013 in Frankfurt.
EWEA is Europe’s Premier Wind Energy Event. (


The Offshore Wind Infrastructure Lab (OWI-lab) has a mutual partnership with Parkwind to perform foundation monitoring. A first monitoring system, which is installed on a monopile foundation of a 3 MW Vestas turbine at the Belwind wind farm, has now been running for almost two years. Recently two additional monitoring systems were installed at the Northwind wind farm. The motivation is gaining the insights that are crucial to minimize construction and installations costs of the future planned wind turbines at the Belwind concession and to extend the lifetime of existing structures and reduce their operation and maintenance costs.

The foundation monitoring system has been installed at the Belwind and NorthWind windfarm in the Belgian North Sea.




The purpose of the monitoring campaigns at the Belwind farm and the Northwind farm is to get a precise view of how the wind turbine is changing over time and what causes the changing behavior. Several parameters are being monitored, among them:

• Loads, displacements, strains and local temperatures in the grouted connection

• vibration and strain levels on tower and foundation

• resonance frequencies, damping values and mode shapes of the offshore structure

• oxygen levels and corrosion rates inside the monopile

• …


Have already a look at the poster we will be presenting: click here